Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon




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   Afgesloten Hof

    Beautiful Place

    Beloved Court

    Beloved Daughter

    Beloved Garden

    Beloved Place

    Beloved Woman

    Bride of Christ

    Daughter of Christ

    Deserted Place

    Desolate Place

    God's garden

    Holy Place


      Lonely PLace

    Lovely Garden


    Resting Place

    Rose of Love

    Rose of Sharon

    Prince of Peace


    Tuin van God




Rose of Sharon


Rose of Sharon


Thou the Rose of Sharon,

Let Thy praises roll;

Lily of the valley,Flower of my soul;

Chiefest of ten thousand,

Round my heart entwine;

I am my Beloved’s,

My beloved is mine.


Lead me by still waters,

Hold me by the hand;

And upon the mountains

Give me grace to stand;

Wind and storm and fire Raging,

but my choice

Ever is to listen

For Thy still, small voice.


Jesus, Lord and master,

Glorious Nazarene;

Close behind Thy reapers

I would humbly glean:

But Thy grace hath brought me

To Thy house above,

And Thy banner o’er me,

Evermore is Love.


Water cannot quench it,

Floods can never drown;

Substance cannot but it,

Love’s a priceless crown:

Oh, the wondrous story,

Mystery divine;

I am my Beloved’s

My Beloved is mine.


R. Kelso Carter


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