Rose of Sharon
Rose of Sharon




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   Afgesloten Hof

    Beautiful Place

    Beloved Court

    Beloved Daughter

    Beloved Garden

    Beloved Place

    Beloved Woman

    Bride of Christ

    Daughter of Christ

    Deserted Place

    Desolate Place

    God's garden

    Holy Place


      Lonely PLace

    Lovely Garden


    Resting Place

    Rose of Love

    Rose of Sharon

    Prince of Peace


    Tuin van God




My sweet Rose of Sharon

I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lify of the Valley - God Bless You

  1. Lord Jesus, my sweet Rose of Sharon,
    My Prophet, my Priest, and my King—
    To Thee I will sing all my praises,
    For blessings Thy mercy doth bring.
    All glory and honor to Jesus,
    Who offered His life on the cross,
    To open a fountain for sinners,
    And purchase a world that was lost.Oh, come help me sing of my Savior,
    • Refrain:
      Sweet Rose of Sharon,
      Blooming above for me.

  2. For He is the joy of my heart;
    Come join in His service forever,
    He will His rich graces impart.
    I gaze at the wounds of my Savior,
    From which that great fountain doth flow;
    His word is my shield and my buckler,
    By faith I’m made whiter than snow.
  3. In love’s verdant vale I am resting,
    In Christ all my hope I confide;
    My heart and my life He is blessing,
    As humbly I walk by His side.
    I’m living low down in the valley,
    Where sweet Rose of Sharon doth bloom;
    Oh, glory! its heavenly odor
    With fragrance my soul doth perfume.
  4. Come, sinner, thy heart like the desert,
    With sweet Rose of Sharon shall bloom;
    ’Twill blossom as flowers of summer,
    His Spirit thy heart shall illume.
    He paid all thy debt on Mount Calv’ry,
    He suffered that you might be free;
    Oh, look, guilty one, there is mercy,
    There’s life and salvation for thee.





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